Manage Your Energy
Manage Your Energy

Do you feel like days just pass you by? Do you find yourself distracted, wasting time or just not able to focus?

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit”

Spend a very insightful hour and learn pragmatic and practical ways to manage your time and energy in order to achieve flow and higher performance, facilitated by your Performance Coach, James Parnell.


I really thought it was excellent! I have already recommended the course to lots of people! I wish we could do all the other modules also but it has given me so many points to action straight away & I am confident I can improve my productivity!

The Wellbeing Gym


Move from chaos to clarity and get your stuff done

Duration: One Hour

In this workshop you will use concepts from positive psychology and neuroscience to help you understand your own energy rhythms, how to align with them and design your day to optimise your performance.

We discuss in detail:

  • Productivity - The four pillars of Productivity
  • ‘Managing’ Time - The myth of managing time and what you really need to do
  • Energy Rhythms - how energy fluctuates during the day and how to use it
  • Flow – why do we want it and how do we get it
  • Rituals – the importance of routines to enable high performance

This workshop will enable you to observe your personal energy so that you can design your day to optimise its use. It will give you energy and performance.

The workshop will be facilitated by James Parnell, who created the MAP model to help people design a better life.

Target Audience

  • Executives and Leaders who work with teams.
  • Anyone who wants to get control of their day
  • Anyone who wants to be less stressed and more balanced each day
  • Anyone who wants to achieve flow, performance with higher energy


Location: The Wellbeing Gym, Dublin City Centre

Date & Time: Coming Soon.

Price: €45


Location: Dublin. Other locations on request.

Group Size: Anything up to 15 people. Other group sizes on request.

Price: €400 for up to 15 people based in Dublin.