Happiness and Meaning

MAP 2017 Kickstart Programme


A life-changing opportunity at your own pace.

In the past 2 years I’ve created a second source of income, established a new career, founded my own company, gone from never having written to having several articles published in a national newspaper – all while working full-time and re-settling with my family on the other side of the world.

I managed all of this using the MAP mental model. I created, used and tested this model to build productive and healthy habits that allow me to achieve epic goals and maintain my overall well-being with minimal stress. For details about the MAP model read more here.

In this 6-week online course I’ll teach you the key principles of the MAP model and practical, useful techniques to gain perspective, to dream, prioritise and take action in your life, feel on top of things, and to ensure a balanced approach that keeps you healthy.

In short, I’m going to teach you how considering only the essential, being effective and working efficiently can lead to happiness or success as you define it.

Six weeks, one email per week

When I piloted the first versions of this course, my clients were keen to learn how to be less stressed, happier and more productive. A recurring piece of feedback was about how hard it is to find the time to complete it. Initially we provided a course by email – one 10 minute email per day but most people prefer to group a few days work into one session. So this way you can choose yourself!

We’ve kept the course short and sweet. However I want to ask you to care about yourself enough to invest 1 hour per week in your own development.

Each module we’ll focus on a different aspect of the MAP model. The timing is indicative as you will pace yourself.

Module 1: This module covers MAPMeaning, Attention and Principles and is allocated over two weeks.

  • Define happiness, what gives your life meaning and essential areas to which you want to give attention – and the areas you don’t!
  • Know your principles (values) and your strengths and how can you optimise them

Module 2: This module covers the G in GPS…Goals.

  • Set goals and establish a guiding and motivating roadmap – and select what deserves your attention!
  • We also cover Habits and rituals to mind yourself and do things right while getting things done, with an optional Habits Challenge.

Module 3: This module covers mastery, and the P in GPSPrioritisation.

  • How to cope with everything on your plate and really prioritise and schedule to be effective as well as efficient.

Module 4: This module talks about the S in GPSSystems.

  • One of your most important systems is the weekly ritual of synchronisation. This ensure your weekly priorities and daily activity align with your higher level vision.
  • We also talk about reflection to ensure continuous improvement.

Module 5: This module covers another system, daily execution.

  • This will bring it all together for you to help you  manage your time, energy and attention every day.

What you get

Each module comprises 1 exercise, free templates, several pro tips, recommended free tools to help you take action plus links to related reading to explore further the techniques you’ve just learned.
Want more detail? I will post an example email here.

In all that’s at least.. (the list is growing!)

  • 12 tips to turbo-charge change
  • 12 free recommended tools to make it easier
  • Related reading to help you learn more and implement the techniques I’ve shared with you
  • 10 custom templates to help you put these lessons into practice

Plus the handbook!

  • A permanent resource of the MAP Kickstart fundamentals in handy e-book form. Refer back to what you learnt so you can continue to learn about yourself.
  • Buy the book alone if you don’t have time for the full course

The next course starts on October 23rd, 2017.

Ready to invest in yourself?
The last date to sign up is Sunday October 22nd to get this introductory price of EUR 59.95.


If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to email us at hello@thewellbeinggym.com.

How long will each lesson take?
They shouldn’t take more than 60 minutes of your thinking time each week.

How is the course delivered?
It’s all online at your own pace. You will see the module topics you have completed and can move through them at you own pace. You’ll receive a weekly reminder by email every Sunday, sent to the email address you sign up with. You should complete the lesson within that week if you want to complete it within 6 weeks.

Do I have to finish it in 6 weeks?

No. I encourage you to implement the lessons that appeal most to you – when they most appeal and the time is right. Start small and make them part of your normal routine. Don’t try all of them at once but remember they all complement one another as part of the holistic MAP model and GPS system. They are ordered in that sequence for a reason. They move from big questions to small actions. The handbook will serve as your reminder of all the techniques you have learned and are now at your disposal.