The Wellbeing Gym's vision is to enhance personal and corporate wellness. We want to help any individual or business – regardless of your definition of happiness or success - to discover what really matters to you, to give it due attention and to act according to your principles or values.

We believe any goal can be achieved through prioritised action and the right systems and habits in place.

The MAP model is a mental model to help you realise your purpose and live a more content life. We will teach you how to use your MAP and GPS to enable you to help yourself in designing the life you want and enhancing your wellbeing.

How to make the most of your time, energy, focus and your life!


Do you feel overwhelmed or struggle to stay on top of things? 

Our Productivity Workshop is now available to the public. The next open workshop is on Wednesday November 29th in Dublin city. It is limited to 10 people for an intimate and optimal user experience.