Welcome to The Wellbeing Academy

The Wellbeing Gym offers a number of online and offline programmes, workshops and talks. These can be both public and private. From understanding yourself to being more effective every day, our personal courses are designed to help you navigate this fast-paced world and achieve optimum performance and wellbeing. Similarly, from defining your vision and values to being more productive, creative and innovative every day, our team or group courses are designed to help your business support staff and enhance your business to achieve optimum performance.

On request, we also build custom-designed programmes or courses to meet your specific needs.

Our programmes and workshops have been used by our own staff who have decades of industry experience.

The Wellbeing Academy is now located here.

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Duration: 4 weeks+.

Intention: To allow participants to complete a journey and absorb knowledge through learning and practise. It also allows us to adjust according to specific needs.


Duration: 0.5 to 2 days.

Intention: To allow participants to absorb knowledge quickly through active participation, to leave with something tangible and pragmatic that they can re-use.


Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Intention: To allow participants to get a brief taster before exploring a topic further. Participants still leave with something practical and personal and commit to action.

Technical or Business Skills

We offer a range of courses or workshops in the following areas: Agile, Design Thinking, Experimentation, Creativity and Innovation. Some are listed below.

  1. Portfolio Optimisation - how to prioritise an an enterprise level
  2. Discovery for Innovation - how to be crystal clear about something your about to invest time in
  3. Agile Fundamentals - how to start your organisational agile journey
  4. Design Thinking 101 - how to use design thinking to be truly customer-centric.


Agile (applied!)

Design Thinking