Happiness and Meaning
Happiness and Meaning

Do you feel lost, like something might be missing or neglected, unsure of your mission or what is important to you?

“Before you start any journey, you need to know where home is.”

Join us for the most clarifying hour of your year and learn pragmatic and practical ways to get perspective and to start the journey towards well-being and performance.

The Wellbeing Gym


Discover your true self and what's important to you

Duration: 1 Hour

In this workshop we cover the five pillars of your Life Canvas, assess the big areas of our life, get a brief introduction to the MAP model, and talk about the seven dimensions of wellbeing.

We discuss in detail:

  • Happiness - the difference between happiness and success
  • Mission – the importance of purpose in your life
  • Attention – the difference between caring about and caring for.
  • Principles – the importance of alignment for peace of mind
  • Strengths – why are they so important

This workshop will enable you consider everything in your work and home life so that, at this very moment, you have a clear Life Canvas with your current vision for your life and where you might want to change. It will give you clarity.

The workshop will be facilitated by James Parnell, who created the MAP model to help people design a better life.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to take a big picture view of their life.
  • Anyone who wants to get more control on their work and home life.
  • Anyone who feels overwhelmed our lost.