Why take the course?

Do you feel stuck? Do you find you set goals but never reach them?

"You cannot steer a parked car"

The course presents a practical model to enable you to design and organise your life for once and for all. It provides pragmatic tools for: a) evaluating your overall life and happiness, b) setting goals that are effective and inspire action c) creating a clear plan to achieve those goals, and d) ensuring successful pro-active implementation of that plan in daily life, with special tips for planning your week, managing your energy and sustaining work-life balance through daily routines. It also ensure accountability as you practise new habits.


I really enjoyed the MAP Kickstart. The course has given me a way of setting my direction and really practical tools to enable me to get there. Even at times if go off course, the MAP model ensure I can re-assess and correct course. There are tools here for everyone to determine what happiness is for them and to choose it!

The Wellbeing Gym

WG-104: Kickstart Action!

Time Commitment

The course comprises two phases (a) Learning over 4 weeks about 2 hours per week then (b) Execution over 8 weeks with optional access to 30 minutes/week of accountability coaching.

Learning Outcomes

We will cover the four levels of planning and execution and the core practices, tools and techniques to sustain performance and wellbeing.

We discuss in detail:

  • From Aspiration to Action – the four levels of designing your life and action and how they connect.
  • Summit Level: Your Ideal Aspirational Life
  • Lookout Level: Setting Short- and Long Term Goals
  • Basecamp Level: Turning Goals into Committed Active Projects
  • Action Level: Executing your plans and keeping your promises.

This course enables you organise your work and home life so that, at any moment, what you are working on is leading you to the life you want. It will give you mental clarity and peace of mind.

The course is delivered by James Parnell, who created the MAP model to help people design a better life.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to get clearer on their vision and purpose in life.
  • Anyone who wants to gain some momentum and get more control on their work and home life.
  • Anyone who feels overwhelmed, constantly busy or stressed.

This is a Beta Course limited to 10 people only.

Location: Online

Date & Time: Starts Jan 29th, 9am GMT

Price: €195


Location: Dublin. Other locations on request.

Group Size: Anything up to 10 people. Other group sizes on request.

Price: On Request.