James, Founder

James has worked in the corporate worlds of IT & Banking for over 20 years, leading large teams in product design and innovation. He has expertise and real experience using innovation and delivery disciplines such as human-centred design,  agile (including SAFe), design thinking, experimentation, Theory of Constraints, Lean Six Sigma and PRINCE2.

James uses aspects of all models he has experienced first-hand to tailor the approach for each business or individual, and optimise the outcome. He is the creator of the MAP model, a core element of The Wellbeing Gym’s value proposition.

He ensures your business “does things right” and using a strategic decision-making model he created he also ensures your business “does the right things”.

James has a keen interest in self-development. He established a regular vedic meditation practice and has found it contributes to both creativity and high-performance in any role.

His combination of business acumen, program delivery and meditation experience is rare. He applies this knowledge to personal and business needs – to create sustainable performance improvements and increasing creativity, clarity of thinking and decision making.

Sarah, Coach – Nutrition

Sarah has a BSc. in Personal Training specialising in  Physiology. She is also certified in functional nutrition. She is interested in health and body composition and nutrition that aligns to your lifestyle.

Steve, Coach – Movement and Fitness

Stephen is the founder of Performance Therapy Ireland. He is a qualified Physical Therapist, Catalyst Athletics level one weightlifting coach, CrossFit coach and OPT CCP level one coach. He was also a member of Coach Mike Burgener’s European weightlifting staff before opening PTI. Stephen has been training individuals, groups and teams since 2003. He found CrossFit in 2007/2008 and attended multiple CrossFit specialty certifications before opening the first North Dublin CrossFit affiliate in January 2011.

Certifications and seminars he has attended include CrossFit (CF) level 1,  CF Kettlebell level 1, CF Olympic weightlifting, CF Endurance, CF Mobility, Mark Rippetoe Starting strength seminar, Robb Wolf Paleolithic Solutions, Catalyst Athletics weightlifting certification; Optimum Performance Training CCP in Assessment; Programme Design & Lifestyle Coaching.

Steve advocates individually tailored training programmes to enable all round physical fitness that is suited to your physiological make-up and movement.