Productivity Training

I really thought it was excellent! I have already recommended the course to lots of people! I wish we could do all the other modules also but it has given me so many points to action straight away & I am confident I can improve my productivity!

Alex, Author

James ran a time management session with our LEAP development programme delegates and it was really impactful. It was universally rated as one of the top sessions, helping people plan and prioritise their time as well as feeling able to factor in time for themselves, helping to achieve a work-life balance. We will run this session again!

Mel, Head of Education, Dublin

Executive Coaching

I was lucky enough to be involved in one of James' early workshops as he developed his model. I connected quickly with the approach and was inspired to make significant changes to my lifestyle that were more aligned to my personal goals.

Mark M, Executive Director, Digital & Innovation, Sydney

‘I was at a point where my world was consumed by my career. I had lost sight of my other life goals and felt a sense of dissatisfaction, and knew I needed to get myself back on track. I am a big believer that people come into your life for a reason – and that person was James. James introduced me to the MAP model and tools and helped me kick-start and re-discover my purpose, my dreams and my goals. Using the framework and tools, I have started the journey to build a focused plan and the necessary habits to ensure my success in realising my true potential. Thank you!’

Rebecca E., Executive, Banking, Sydney


Kickstart Programme

The Kickstart programme is excellent, a refreshing way to stop and reflect, think about yourself, what makes you happy, the big goals you want to achieve and if you are helping yourself to achieve them.

Roisin, Risk Manager.

I really enjoyed working with James as part of the MAP Kickstart. The course has given me a way of setting my direction and really practical tools to enable me to get there. Even at times if go off course, the MAP model ensure I can reassess and correct course. There are tools here for everyone to determine what happiness is for them and to choose it.

Lisa, Head of Planning and Transition

Really enjoyed the Kickstart course and have made changes, in particular to my wellbeing, as a result.

Darren, Head of Payment Operations

I attended the MAP Kickstart Programme and would recommend it to anyone who struggles with organising their time or achieving their goals. It helped me to kick-start my own improvements in both my personal and business life.

Francis, Head of Technology

I really enjoyed the Kickstart course and how it encompasses all aspects of your life, not just career. It focused me on what is important in my life and put a spotlight on what makes me happy both in and outside of work!

Micheál, Head of Mortgage Operations

Personal Testimonial

I worked with James for over five years in an extremely challenging and complex environment. Always professional, he is a strong leader with a real customer-centered focus. Working in Capital Markets is fast-paced and high pressure and often leads to conflicting priorities and personalities. It can be overwhelming for some but James excelled and always operated with a calm confidence and friendly manner. Up for tackling the hard stuff but also the first to lighten the mood with his fun loving nature. The design thinking skills, married to a proven track record of leading Agile delivery is second to none. But what impresses and inspires me most about James is that he has developed the MAP model of not only surviving in an increasingly stressful world but actually flourishing - and in true James style wants to share it!

Mark, Executive Director, Digital & Innovation, Sydney