Here's my approach to mentoring

Hi there,

Thanks for checking this out. There are a few types of one-to-one services in general people can avail of - mentoring, coaching, counselling and consultancy. This particular one is mentoring.

  • I have created a mental model and a suite of tools that are useful for a lot of clients. I dip into them periodically as you need.
  • But I don’t have a pre-determined idea of how anyone should work that I try to shoehorn you into.
  • I start with you. I add a sprinkle of neuroscience, agile, lean, systems and design thinking. We work together towards outcomes and habits that work best for you personally.
  • This can take more time, but this way the habits actually stick. Usually, three to six months work better than once-off. It allows us to figure out how you work, your pains and needs, and for new habits to be reinforced.
  • Everyone is different, but on average, we’ll likely connect once a week or so (again, this can be more, or less, depending on your schedule and preferences).

Free Discovery Consultation

Usually, we start with a 15 minute telephone consultation free of charge. This way you can easily fit it into your day or lunch hour. This allows you to figure out if I’m the right coach for you and allows me to confirm whether I can help you solve your problem.

Future Consultations

We then decide the type of engagement to suit us both - the frequency, duration and format (face-to-face, video conference or phone). So just bring your diary.

  • We could work over three months because this gives you the best result by allowing you time to embed new habits.
  • We could do a shorter intensive multi-day format if you wish, usually on-site.

We can figure that out together on our first discovery call.

Still have questions?

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