Are you a passenger or a driver?

  1. Do you find some meaning in your life?
  2. Have you decided which areas of your life to invest in?
  3. Do you know the principles that you live by – your values and character strengths?
  4. Do you set goals that inspire you to make the most of your principles?
  5. Are you able to prioritise what’s important over everything else?
  6. Have you systems and habits that support your goals and ensure that you live well?
  7. Have you a personal definition of living well (or happiness or success)?

If your answer is not a wholehearted “Yes!” to all seven questions then MAPTM can help you.

What is MAPTM?

MAP stands for Meaning, Attention and Principles. Your MAP is your personalised compass to help you navigate your own life.

GPS stands for Goals Prioritisation and Systems. Your GPS helps you set direction in your own life and enjoy the journey.


Our vision is to help anyone – regardless of personal definition of success or happiness – to discover what is important to them, to give it due attention and to take action.

MAPTM moulds ideas from lean, agile, design thinking, psychology, productivity, well-being and other research into a simple model that is easy to understand and easy to apply in your life.

Value Proposition

The MAPTM offering comprises five key parts – the model, the tools and templates, the research behind it, the various learning courses (including modules and workshops) – and finally, ongoing guidance in various forms.

If you are interested in any of the above and would like further details please contact us.

One final word…

We believe that life is not about extremes such as self-measurement and constantly striving to be ‘your best self’. I also believe it’s not the opposite – inaction and letting fear or other beliefs hold you back.

Most people like variety so the MAP model helps you to find balance between all the things you might want to say Yes to. So a big Yes to being proactive and seeking a mix of pleasure and purpose but also acceptance that life can bring pain and that perfection is not valuable. And a No to taking it to any extremes defined by others.