Nurture Your Seeds

Credit: Noah Buscher

Winter: A time to Replenish

Happy new year. I hope you had a restful break.

I have been thinking about nature and our rhythms during winter.

This season is a time when plants disappear. But underground, unseen, rejuvenation is occurring.

Like nature, I consciously stayed quiet during the winter. But that doesn’t mean nothing was happening.

I spent some time been preparing the garden soil and gathering the seeds. Soon it will be time to plant for spring.


At this time of year, it is tempting to launch new projects. But I’m not a believer in commitments this early in the year. I’m holding back the seeds. But I want to tell you about some fruits in the garden I want to plant this year.

First, it’s micro-learning. I’ve learned in the coaching and corporate wellbeing space that, just because we are ready and excited to teach and coach, it doesn’t mean people are ready and able to commit and same time and energy.

So, through the garden patch called The Wellbeing Academy, I am planting the seeds for self-paced personal development through shorter, bite-sized, anytime, anywhere learning designed for people who only like to visit the garden now and then.

These plants are already growing. I plan to add one course each month for 2022.

Second, and this is just a seed, the AWE mastermind programme. I’ve used a 6 step MAP model for wholehearted living over the past eight years and run corporate programmes with this model underlying. 

I am excited most by the potential and need for this. So much so, that I had a specific goal to start by Jan 31. But I realised this added pressure while I want 2022 to feel lighter. So I will allow more time.

But I believe the world needs this right now. But, in harmony with not committing too early, I want to let nature and the universe decide. I will plant the seed and let nature decide if it takes. 

The world needs more pioneers like you to consciously create a wholehearted life… and one that contributes to a better world. 

You may need only a split second to decide. But you will need the AWE programme to bring your system to life. 

While motivation is fleeting, systems endure.

What are the seeds you are planting this year – and are you ready to commit?

Check out the AWE section of the garden. If you want to water this plant with me, register your interest here and let me know. Maybe we can create it together.

PS. Apologies for murdering the garden analogy. But, as we all know, nature endures.

Still thinking about your seeds?

Grab the 12 Annual Reflections Download

The 12 Reflections below is a simple exercise to try annually if not more often.

James Parnell is the founder of The Wellbeing Gym, which provides online wellbeing, performance and productivity programmes to individuals and corporates.

The AWE Programme is designed for motivated people to make the most of 2022, together. Applications open.

He is also creator of The Wellbeing Academy with micro-courses and mastermind programmes such as the Productivity Mastermind.