9 minutes to Accomplish a Goal

I wrote here about the inevitable journey to accomplish epic goals. Exact details vary but the steps we go through are the same.

Here are 9 minutes of thought you should have before you commit to new goals.

[1] If you have no good reason to start, don’t. Sometimes things you don’t feel like doing have a deeper need, e.g. financial security. Check your motivation is valid.

“Only commit to what you will finish.”

[2] If you cannot define the End, then don’t start. The end is what is essential to say it’s done – not perfect. Apply the 80-20 rule. Identify your 80%.

[3] There is plenty you could do, lots you think you should. Put it all in the Bonus box. Only allow the must-do’s in the End.

[4] Anticipate challenges ahead. Define the moments of truth. Prime yourself to respond.

[5] Why make it any harder than it should be? Gather support. Collaborate. People love to help. Get supercharged.

[6] Heard the metaphor of the ant and the elephant? The ant, your consciousness, strives for a new goal. It changes direction and scurries back down the elephant’s back. Your subconscious, the elephant, strides on oblivious. Talk to someone about your worries. Beliefs just are. You decide whether they limit or lift. Choose up.

[7] Having anticipated internal and external challenges, rehearse your response. Your brain is now ready. Trust it.

[8] Almost there. The thinking you’ve done is enough for now. Sketch the key steps so you know the rough untrodden path to the End.

[9] Embed this in your DNA. When starting or un-sticking any goal, just Decide the Next Action!

Use our free Personal Goal Canvas to only make promises you know you will keep.

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