Higher Performance With 8 Tips For Quality Sleep

Our Artificial Clock

As the human race and technology have evolved, we began to live in a way counter to our natural body clock.

The advent of artificial light meant we stay awake beyond our natural inclination. The human movement away from the equator also meant we moved towards shorter or longer days. We have essentially become shift workers according to Satchin Panda in ‘The Circadian Code’.

Feeling weary and low in energy is natural at this time of year. Lack of light is associated with mental health issues, including Seasonal Affected Disorder. You might feel fatigued, social withdrawal and even hopelessness. 

During the day, you may notice an uplift in performance as your mood improves.

Here are eight simple ways to unlock your Circadian clock:

Optimise your Natural Energy

  1. Plan each day to maximise exposure to peak light hours.
  2. Quick walk outside before you start work
  3. Place your work zone near a window or with a view of one.
  4. Top up on Vitamin D
  5. Minimise exposure to artificial light in the evening
  6. Restrict eating to a window of about 12 hours
  7. Have a fixed bedtime – you know about the Magic of Healthy Sleep, right?
  8. Try a ‘natural light’ alarm clock.

And finally, as always:

Don’t aim for perfection. Aim for consistency.

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Evening Routine Checklist

The Evening Routine Checklist is a simple checklist to create a routine to help you wind down for quality sleep.