For many reasons, I'm content to put the year behind me. On the one hand, it's been a year to
Motivation. That which impels us to move. The reason why we do things. We all love a good motivational speech.
2021 has arrived. 2020 seemed to pass slowly, and yet I have a sense I'm not ready. But maybe I
New Year, New You? I’m not a great believer in new year resolutions. I’m committed to making and keeping promises
Recently, I've had the opportunity (and responsibility) to speak to thousands of people about change, challenge, resilience, self-care and productivity.
Got some Goals? So what now? Using the metaphor of exploration, this series will inspire you to find your Everest,
The thing about the evening is, we're usually tired. Our evening routine should be gentle and reflective. If you're living
Before YOU start Bring your Weekly Canvas, which contains your goals for the week. You want to ensure that your daily activities align
How do you know whether your goal is achievable? Most goals are. If not now, then with time or learning.
We recently provided a wellbeing and productivity programme exclusively online. It allowed us to reach a large group of people