CALM. A Word for any year.

Credit: @jonathanbean

2021 has arrived. 2020 seemed to pass slowly, and yet I have a sense I’m not ready. But maybe I am. I (mistakenly) compare myself to people who have set their goals for the entire year already. I feel like I’m ‘falling behind’. Then I check myself and ask ‘Why is that?’ 

I don’t even favour new year resolutions. I prefer rituals.

I have some emerging goals. But I’m not yet ready to commit. Nor am I convinced I need to.

The question I want to answer is this: “What is the feeling, the state of being that I want this year?” That is all I need at this stage. 

In 2017 my mantra was GRIT – gratitude, relentlessness, intention and trust. At that time, it was what I needed. 

But what feeling is useful to me this year? That’ll be my mantra. 

I want to feel less pressure. Less striving, more flow. All things in good time. No rush. Calm. The mantra is emerging.

I love acronyms. They serve as tools I can carry with me. What will CALM represent for me? That is, what do I need in place to feel it?

I need clarity – to know what’s important and to have a plan. I also need the craic, some fun and adventure. Right now it’s good to have perspective – not to take things too seriously.

Love and lightness. I sometimes tend to take on too much so I would like to make new projects light and energetic. To make actions atomic as possible with small steps that flow more easily.

Similarly, I also want to keep life simple and uncluttered. Minimalism  – just what I need in terms of stuff I have and things I am doing. Starting less and finishing more.

So there it is. A word for 2021 – CALM:

Clarity and craic.




It’s in the Moleskin notebook – my second brain. I now feel ready to go.

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