This one question decides everything

How do you know whether your goal is achievable?

Most goals are. If not now, then with time or learning.

I wrote about committing to goals over your preferred time horizon.

How do we translate a goal (out there) into something real, immediate and urgent?


Start at the End. Work backwards until you have an immediate action that must be done now lest you fall behind.

Activation is the process whereby goals become live ‘projects’. It involves these steps:

1. Confirm Motivation – one simple statement re-affirming your intrinsic motivation. Why is this goal is worth the sacrifice?

2. Define the End. What exactly will it look like when the goal is achieved? Who? What? How many? Where? When?

3. Plan the Core Steps. Say your cadence is 8 weeks. Specify what you need done in week 1, week 2 and so on until the End. Essentialism is key. Ignore anything that is sugar-coating.

4. Calculate Demand: For each week, estimate time required. The total is your Goal Demand.

5. Sanity Check: Preview your calendar. How much time, or capacity, is free for this goal? If Demand exceeds capacity, then re-plan. If not, you’re ready.


Before you start, the final check. Want to know if you will succeed? If you truly have the motivation, the belief and commitment? Ask yourself this.

Have I set aside the exact place and time to execute this and do I regard this ritual as precious?

Choosing the ritual is the first step of achieving any goal. If you’re not a resounding yes by now, you’re a No.

Forget commitment. Wait until you’re ready or it’s important enough.

Only make promises to yourself that you intend to keep.


Use our free Goal Planner to move from passenger to driver and ensure what you do each week inevitably leads to success.

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