8 Practises to Avoid Overwhelm We often feel like we have too much on our plate. Bump into someone and
What happens when you start talking with yourself? It is pretty simple. The voice you hear is connected to your
Your life style I’m about to jump into my little campervan (named Brian) and head west to surf.  It's Friday
I often experience having too much to do, despite continuously revising my priorities and being conscious of my investment of
Knowing About a year ago, I started to write a book, A New Dawn in Ireland, about returning home after
Why? As my wife likes to remind me, I never had the pleasure of giving birth.  But I feel like
Our Artificial Clock As the human race and technology have evolved, we began to live in a way counter to
A morning routine can be your most reliable and valuable habit. But establishing any new habit depends on the four
Goals are a great way to become unstuck BUT… setting goals is the START of the process, while systems are
Winter: A time to Replenish Happy new year. I hope you had a restful break. I have been thinking about